Neyestanak history:


The Niestanak is located in 30 Km. North west of Naein city in Iran, which was one of the main population center in last but unfortunately regarding the unsuitable  nature, the people gradually were inforced to immigrate from this area.

On this time some of kind people decided to establish this production unit to create job and prevent from people immigration.


This company established with the aim of design, and producing of different kinds of auto spare part, technical and engineering services and creating the job.


 This technical unit with transmitting the know how from German country and its own activity enabled himself to produce part of country piston requirement for the below mentioned companies.


  Production quality improvement program is the main quality goals of all MPN's managers, share holders and staffs, enabling to draw the customer confidence regarding our production, recognizing the known and unknown customers requirement is one of the present and future programs of our company.